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Children of the Ummah

Children of the Ummah started off as a joint effort between family, Alhamdulillah. This venture means to introduce children to technology and it’s use in the light of Islam.

The Choice

We have created The Choice for those who want to connect or reconnect with the Quran in a private and simple manner. 

My Jihad is Taking care of my health, my deen and my family My Jihad is Loving, forgiving and accepting everyone for the sake of Allah My Jihad is To Always Speak for Justice! What's Yours My Jihad is to avoid the sin of Gossip and Slander My Jihad is to be grateful for what Allah has given me and not try to be what this world wants me to be My Jihad is to break free from the lies and find freedom in the truth My Jihad is to detach my heart from this world and attach my heart to Allah My Jihad is To fight my temptations and not go near zina My Jihad is to think before I laugh My Jihad is: To serve Allah and be the woman only He wants me to be! What's yours? My Jihad is: To Seek Allah's Guidance and walk the straight path in His Light Forever and Ever…What's yours? My Jihad is to remember that Before one struggles with the world outside, one must win the struggle within. My jihad is To not play too much PS3 and not let entertainment consume my life My Jihad is To meet You, Oh Allah…Oh slave of Allah, what's yours My Jihad is To use my time wisely! What's yours? My Jihad Read, Understand and Act on the words of Allah, The Noble Quran. What's yours To always remember that no matter what, Allah is always with me My Jihad is to do everything possible to re-unite the Muslims upon Tawheed My Jihad is to always remember to raise my hands and pray in good times and in bad, because Allah is the One and Only, the Beginning and the End, the Seer and the Hearer, the Only One who holds my life in His Merci The Most Excellent Jihad is the Conquest of One's Self. (Prophet Muhammad, SAW)